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Our goal is to provide an atmosphere of integrity, beauty and tranquility for our house guests. The garden is an extension of that, offering seasonal outdoor spaces for enjoyment and reflection. Upon purchase, the property had a few mature trees, but otherwise there was no landscaping. In fact, some of the yard was highly compacted due to the parking of cars and other activities during the years when the property was used as an apartment building.

We have worked with a number of landscapers and designers over the years, and that is how the basic structure of the garden spaces and the hard surfaces came into existence. The layout is a series of hard-surface areas of brick and belgian cobble where people can sit and/or gather, connected by gently undulating paths of crushed stone lined with belgian cobble.

Now, however, the plantings are in a state of flux, and I am in the midst of executing my own ideas. I have been ably assisted and advised by Peggy Lynch of Greenhalgh Gardens and Michael DeLacy of GoGreen LawnCare. The general objectives guiding this new vision are:
  • To simplify, aligning the design of the garden to the bold masculine nature of the architecture of the house.
  • To emphasize the colors of silver and red/purple/burgundy in the plantings, as these shades play beautifully off the house paint colors.
  • To incorporate rhythm in the design through repetition, so that the garden sings. This reflects the fact that music has been a huge part of my life, and in recent years singing has been the primary focus.
  • To employ the art of tapestry by interweaving patches of perennials and evergreens of different colors and textures. This relates to my brief time as a fiber artist and my love of abstract art.
  • To explore the use of perennials with the longest bloom times.
  • To extend the garden season through the use of bulbs that flower in the spring or fall.
  • To use containers as enhancements, as well as temporary or permanent holders for plants and shrubs that I love but am not able to incorporate into the garden plots.
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“Quiet gem”
Beautifully restored Victorian mansion. The downstairs is a series of common rooms. There is the eating area, where truly excellent breakfasts are served, and several function rooms that are available for rental and/or community use. One has a piano, and one has a harpsichord. We were there for a baby shower in the afternoon, and we had full run of the downstairs. There are well-tended gardens surrounding the house. The rooms are upstairs. We have stayed at Taylor House twice, and each room was lovely and private. There is plenty of free parking, both in the spacious driveway and on the cul-de-sac that is right outside.

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